Environmental Protection

In line with the Company’s priciples of environmental protection, its enterprises meet existing state regulatory requirements, ensure sound and responsible use of natural resources, reduction of emissions, careful use of water resources, waste disposal and recycling and carry out land re-cultivation works.

Our enterprises gradually reduce the environmental impact of our operations through targeted investment in environmental protection measures. In 2013, more than USD 41 million was directed to environmental protection initiatives and to support the rational use of natural resources. The Company spent approximately USD 16 million on other activities related to environmental protection.

Among the most significant projects in regards to reducing the Company’s environmental footprint were the construction of a new Coke Oven Battery #6, which features a system of dust-free coke pushing with capture and purification of gaseous and particulate emissions and the phasing out of an open-hearth plant at Ural Steel; modernisation of the exhaust gas treatment of electric arc furnaces of the electric arc furnace plant (EAFP) and construction of water recycling and waste water treatment plants at OEMK. In addition, an indoor warehouse for pellets and modern gas-burning equipment to reduce dust and emissions will be built as part of construction of Pellet Plant #3 at Mikhailovsky GOK.

Occupational health and safety is the Company’s priority and one of the key drivers to increase production efficiency.

In 2013, the Company decreased the environmental footprint of its industrial facilities by reducing atmospheric emissions by 14% and discharge into water basins by approximately 17% compared to 2012.

Metalloinvest participates in the WSA project to collect data on greenhouse gas emissions in the steelmaking industry. In 2013, for the second consecutive year, the Company received a certificate for fulfilling its obligations to provide reliable data on CO2, calculated using the methodology of the WSA.

In the environmental management of the production processes our facilities adhere to the requirements of both national and international standards. In 2013, four core production facilities passed audits of their environmental management systems (EMS) for compliance with ISO 1400.



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